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Better Help Online Therapy

BetterHelp is the largest e-counseling platform in the world, and is our provider of choice for online therapy. We like the variety of professional counselors, the ability to set preferences for the type of therapist you work with and the affordable rates. We were also impressed by the dedication to client care expressed to us by the BetterHelp staff in our conversations with them. If you are considering online therapy, it’s worth checking them out. See our BetterHelp review here, or click the button to the left to visit BetterHelp directly.

Weighting Comforts (For Better Sleep And Anxiety Relief)

With insomnia and anxiety on the rise in the life of the average person, Weighting Comforts is looking to be a solution for these people. Weighting Comforts is a small business based in Nashville, Tennessee.  The weighted blankets are made in the USA by Weighting Comforts and were designed by a therapist to provide comfort for people suffering from sleeplessness and anxiety. Weighting Comforts also partners with a non-profit organization called Sew for Hope—teaching refugees to sew.

Sensacalm Weighted Blankets

Sensacalm is another weighted blanket company that we recommend. Not only do they offer weighted blankets, but they have these adorable “Peaceful Pals”. They’re designed so that the arms and legs are weighted, for a calming hug or simply pressure on a child’s back to help them sleep. These cute anxiety fighters are safe for ages 1 and up.

Sensacalm Peaceful Pals