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Given today’s technology, online medical treatment of every kind—including counseling—is becoming more commonplace. For online therapy, Fearapy partners with BetterHelp, the world’s largest e-counseling platform. The process works like regular in-person counseling, except you are meeting with the therapist online.

How is BetterHelp like traditional counseling?

  • Counselor Training: All BetterHelp counselors are licensed and accredited, so they have the same training and credentials you would get if you saw a local therapist.
  • Treatment Plans: The counselors also develop treatment plans in the same manner as those in a local office.
  • Cost: Some insurance carriers cover BetterHelp. If they don’t BetterHelp treatment charges are in line with typical insurance copays

How is BetterHelp Different Than Traditional Counseling?

  • Communication Methods: BetterHelp sessions are held online rather than in a brick and mortar office. Additionally, clients can communicate with their therapist via live chat, text messages, video conferencing, and phone calls. 
  • Frequency of Contact: Traditional sessions are held weekly; with BetterHelp, you can communicate with your therapist whenever you need, as often as you want

Click here to schedule an appointment with BetterHelp, or see below for the details of setting up counseling through the platform.

How to Make an Appointment With BetterHelp

Signing up for BetterHelp involves entering your information about what kind of help you are seeking, as well as setting your preferences for the type of therapist you want to work with. You go through a few screens, but most of the information is provided via checkboxes, so the entire process takes just a few minutes. Here is the step-by-step process for making an appointment with BetterHelp:

How to Make an Appointment With BetterHelp
Setting initial therapist preferences
Set additional preferences for a therapist.
Set additional preferences for a therapist.
Signing up to see your recommended therapists
Verify your email

1. Start on this page. Click the “Get Started” button on the left side or upper right corner of the page.

2. Use the checkboxes to set your initial preferences for a therapist. Click the “Find Therapists” button at the bottom of the page.

3. Use the checkboxes to select additional preferences and supply information to get you matched with the most appropriate professional. This screen includes a question about phobias. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

4. Use the checkboxes to provide the last set of additional information. This screen concentrates on daily functioning, like energy, sleep and concentration. Click the “Next” button when you are ready to move on.

5. On this screen, you’ll sign up for BetterHelp to see the potential therapists selected for you based on your information provided. You can use a Facebook sign-in or email.

6. If you signed in with email, you will need to check the email you provided and enter the verification code into the field shown. Once this step is complete, you will be presented with a list of therapists to choose from, including information about specialties and background. Once you choose a therapist, you will then choose an appointment time and make payment arrangements. See the frequently asked questions section below for more information.


  • Why do you partner with BetterHelp?
    • After interviewing a number of potential partners, we were simply the most impressed with BetterHelp’s commitment to helping clients. We also appreciated the time the staff took to explain their platform to us and what they look for in partners and clients, as well as ongoing communication about how we can work together to connect people to the help they need. We value our audience’s trust and only recommend resources we trust and respect.
  • What is the process for getting started with online therapy?
    • Better Help has a very streamlined process. You simply click on “get started” and you are walked through a series of questions (gender, age, issues/concerns) to help them match you with a therapist that’s a good fit. It also screens whether or not they are able to provide services. Note: if you are suicidal it is recommended that you see someone immediately in person or go to an emergency room. It then leads you to a page to create your private account and move forward with setting up services.
  • How much do the sessions cost?
    • Counseling on BetterHelp is based on a flat membership fee that covers both the use of the platform and unlimited counseling. Your payment will be the same regardless of the number of messages and sessions you have with your counselor. This way you can communicate with your counselor as often as you like and whenever you need, and you never need to worry before getting help.
    • While face-to-face counseling can cost $150 to $250 for a single session, the cost of counseling through BetterHelp ranges from only $35 to $70 USD per week for unlimited access to your counselor.
  • Is online therapy covered by insurance?
    • In some instances, your insurance could reimburse the cost. However, many insurances only cover face-to-face video conferencing using HIPAA compliant video services. They often do not cover emails, chats, or phone calls between you and your therapist. Better Help offers unlimited contact for a flat fee–something you can’t get with office visits with a therapist.
    • Also note: If you have an insurance plan with a high deductible, you can expect to pay nearly half using Better Help than you would billing sessions to your insurance. Even insurance plans with a simple copay per session are comparable to Better Health costs. 
    • In many cases, before you can get reimbursed by your insurance company, your therapist would have to diagnose you with a mental disorder or issue. This diagnosis would be sent to the insurance company and recorded in your medical file. In some cases, the therapist would also have to provide additional clinical information to the insurance company, such as treatment plans, summaries or copies of the entire record.
  • How often do I meet with a counselor?
    • How often you meet with your counselor depends on your own individual needs & the treatment plan that your counselor recommends. 
  • How do I communicate with my counselor?
    • Counselors are available through live chat, exchanged messages, video conferencing, and phone calls. The means you use to communicate are completely up to you & what your therapist recommends. 

Hopefully this review of BetterHelp has answered your questions, but if you need additional information, feel free to use our contact form to get in touch. We obviously can’t provide the details of therapy sessions for privacy reasons, but we’ve tried to make this resource as useful s possible.

Book an appointment with BetterHelp here.

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